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Uma Mad is the 60th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:10-16-2001


  • Oobi (cameo)
  • Kako (cameo)
  • Uma
  • Grampoo


Uma is holding her doll she had since she was 6 years old. Oobi leaves for work, and Kako goes home. Grampoo complains to Uma that she is spending too much time with dolls and needs to watch more T.V. Uma says she likes dolls more than T.V., and that she doesn't need to listen to him. Grampoo screams "YOU NEED MOAR T.V.!!!" and steals Uma's doll and hides it. Uma chases Grampoo and throws a box at him. She screams "GIVE ME MAH DOLL!" and thows him across the room. (Throught this episode, she is thowing stuff around looking for the doll) She finds it and says "Oh, my dollie!". Grampoo then says "Uh, now you're not mad at me? Uma screams "NO!" and chases him out of the house into the street. Grampoo then gets hit by a car. Uma runs over to him, slaps him, throws him at a tree, and throws him into the house. She then calms down, goes inside, and takes a nap.