"How dare you shove me into my own poop! It's on!"

- Poopoo

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Season 3,Episode 53


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The Potty War is the 53rd episode of Oobi The Future Life.


  • Oobi
  • Poopoo


Oobi is shopping at Gramppoui (surprisingly) for an iPod Touch. He then realizes that he shouldn't have eaten 10 tacos 15 minutes ago. He runs into the bathroom, having diarhea. Then, he hears a familiar voice, that of one of his rivals, saying that Laptopihand will crumble in a matter of weeks. He recognizes him as Poopoo. He waits until Poopoo is done pooing, then punches him into the toilet with Poopoo's poo in it. He comes out covered in poo. He then throws Oobi into a urinal, that Diggie forgot to flush. Then they both start flinging poo at each other. After a couple minutes of fighting, Oobi flings poo at Poopoo so hard it knocks him out. Oobi then leaves the bathroom, washing himself in the sink first, leaving Poopoo unconscious on the floor.