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The First Day is the 5th episode of Oobi The Future Life.


  • Oobi
  • Minnie
  • A.J.
  • Bossmansirking
  • Angus (briefly)
  • Uma (briefly)
  • Grampu (briefly)


Oobi prepares for his first day at Laptopihand. He walks out the front door and sees Grampoo and Uma returning from Freida's Hand and Foot Clothes Store. Oobi gets into his car and drives to Laptopihand. Oobi arrives at Laptopihand, gets out of his car and opens the door. Angus appears and Oobi yells out "Angus! I haven't seen you since we were 5 years old! What happened to you?" Angus replies " I became the vice president of Laptopihand. Oh! Bossmansirking, your boss, is waiting for you." Oobi walks into the meeting room,with Bossmansirking waiting for him. Bossmansirking introduces Oobi to himself and A.J. Bossmansirking leaves and tells Oobi that Minnie is coming to show him around the workplace.Oobi says, "Who's Minnie?". Oobi turns around, and sees Minnie. She shows Oobi his room, her and A.J.'s room, Bossmansirking's room, the meeting room, the lunch room/kitchen, the storage room, the garage, the lawn, Bossmansirking's bathroom, and the workplace bathroom. Oobi then makes a blue laptop. Bossmansirking compliments Oobi, and puts it in a box that is going to be shipped to stores. Oobi then goes to take a nap in his room. Then Oobi wakes up, goes to his car, when Grampoo asks him if he needs a ride home. Oobi says no thank you and Grampoo calls Uma to the car. Oobi then watches Grampoo drive away.


  • This is the first time Minnie,A.J.,Angus, and Bossmansirking appear in the series.