The Dark Knighttime is the 47th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:10-29-2000



Uma is watching the final battle between Batman and Joker in The Dark Knight. When the film finishes, Uma just sits on the couch,frozen. Oobi turns on the lights and takes Uma to bed, who's still frozen. Uma screams for Oobi to see her. Oobi runs to the room, where Uma is still screaming. He tells her to be quiet, and asks her why she's screaming. Uma replies to Oobertski by telling him that The Joker is in the hallway and wants to kill her for hating him. Oobi doesn't believe Uma that is, until he hears HLJ's laugh. The duo duck under the covers, and they call Minnie on Oobi's OobPhone5. He asks them how to get rid of makeup wearing-girlfriend killing-scars on lips psychopaths from your home. Minnie says she can't help them, but that Bossmansirking can. Bossie takes the phone, and tells Oobi to first whack the psycho with a hammer, wipe off his makeup with water, and feed him old fruit snacks so the police can track him. Oobi hangs up the phone, and hears the HLJ laugh again. Oobi and Uma attack the psycho with the steps, but when they turn the lights on, they find out it's only Grampoo trying to scare Uma for watching The Dark Knight without his permission. Uma says she doesn't need to listen to him, and throws her hammer at Grampsie, causing him to fall down the stairs, breaking every bone in hid body. The duo just go to bed together while Grampoo fall down the stairs, ending the episode.


  • Kako and A.J were supposed to appear in this episode, but they were cut.
  • This episode is dedicated to Heath Ledger.
  • The stairfall scene is only sounds.