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Grampoo's Ordinary Day

The Big Mistake is the beginning episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:11-16-1999


  • Oobi
  • Grampu
  • Kako
  • Uma


Oobi is eating Sun Chips.He uses the bathroom.Grampoo walks in and eats them.He then gets worried and hides them in random places. All those fail,as he gets slapped by Kako and messes up the chips.Grampoo decides to hide them in Uma's room,but Oobi's searching for the chips and finds them in Uma's room.Oobi gets mad.Grampoo poops. Oobi then chases Grampoo, tackles him, beats him up, yells at him, throws a shoe at him, and finally leaves thr room while Grampoo lay there beaten. Oobi then gets a new bag of Sun Chips and watches T.V. Just Then, Uma appears.


  • Grampoo mentions something about Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends by saying he'll glue Oobi's butt to the toilet, as Bloo said he'll glue Cheese's feet to their floor.