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Smow Way Out! is the 22nd episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:9-21-2000


  • Oobi
  • Bossmansirking
  • A.J.
  • Minnie


As another hard day making computers comes to a break, Oobi, Minnie, and A.J. are ready to leave the workplace to get McOobi's when a huge clump of snow traps the trio alone inside Laptopihand,while also trapping Bossmansirking outside! Minnie says that there's nothing to worry about, but Oobi and A.J. are too busy screaming and squalling. Minnie throws hot water on the two boys, and it accidently burns their eyes. That terrifying expericence gives Oobi an idea: to throw burning hot liquids onto the windows and doors so the trio can escape to get their desired lunches. They soon split up, and try to use their liquids to try to melt the snow from the inside. The snow has frozen the windows shut. The trio come together, and have found out that they all have failed to pry the windows open.

Meanwhile, Bossmansirking tries to pull the door handle to see if Oobi has melted it, but the doorknob is still frozen. He pulls the knob so hard that it propels him into the snow. Bossmansirking faints from the impact.

Back in Laptopihand, A.J. tries to thaw the door handle with the hot liquids idea, but it fails. A.J. then tries to push the handle to try to get the door loose. That gives Oobson another idea: to push the door open. The trio push the door open with succsess, and A.J. and Minnie fall on the carpet. Oobi congradulates their work, but he sees something that scares the living daylights out of him: an Abominable Snow-Gramp! Oobi whacks the "Snow-Gramp" with a huge shovel. Oobi whacks the "monster" until he hears Bossmansirking's voice. It turns out that Bossmansirking is the Snow-Gramp: after he fell in the snow, he got covered in it, and was trying to tell Oobi that he needed Oobi to see him in the window so Oobi would know how to treat Bossmansirking when the trio thawed the door. A.J. and Minnie walk up to Oobi and see their beaten up boss on the snow. Bossmansirking tells A.J. and Minnie to call the other workers to tell them Angus will take over for Bossie while he recovers from the shovel attack. Oobi ends the episode saying, "I'm so dead.".


  • Snow Way Out! went through 2 different drafts:
    •  The 1st was known as an incredibly dirty episode known as Crapping in the Potty, where Grampoo uses the bathroom at Laptopihand, but forgets to wipe his butt, and around the end, he cleans up the poo. The draft was deemed too dirty for an Oobi episode.
    • The 2nd draft has similarities to the final product, but was called The Graveyard Shift. The plot was where the trio get trapped inside Laptopihand because of snow, but Oobi,Minnie,and A.J. get trapped and have to escape before a power outage, but they fall asleep until the next day, where Bossmansirking frees the trio. The other differences were that Grampoo was included in the script, Kako and Uma were mentioned, Bossmansirking wasn't trapped outside of Laptopihand, and the episode took place in mid winter than in early spring.
  •  Bossmansirking as the Abominable Snow Gramp's costume uses the Imagination costume, a white shirt sleeve, and puff balls glued to every side of the glove to show snow piles on Bossmansirking.