'Help! Help! It's cutting me!"

Rlease Date:4-29-2002

- Sourpoop Dip

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Season 3,Episode 56


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Sinky is the 56th episode of Oobi The Future Life


  • Oobi
  • Uma
  • Kako
  • Grampoo
  • Sourpoop Dip


Oobi walks into the the kichten. He is hungry and can't decide what to eat. He then chooses to eat an apple, but first, he wants to wash it in the sink. Oob tries to turn it on, but no matter how much he tries, no water comes out. He calls for Grampoo, Uma and Kako to come help him. They all try moving the handle, but it won't move. Grampoo stupidly suggests using a toilet plunger, but Oobi and the kids think that's just plain stupid. Grampoo calls Sourpoop Dip, a sink repairman, to come fix the problem. A few minutes later, Sourpoop arrives. He asks what the problem is, and Grampoo says the sink is stuck. Sourpoop gets to work, but as he is working, Grampoo drops a toy car that rolls in front of Sourpoop. He slips and gets his head stuck in the sink. Grampoo gasps and tries pulling him out. Then the kids try to help. They finally get him out. Sourpoop tells them to turn on the sink. They turn it on and it works. Sourpoop then tells Grampoo the price of the repair. Grampoo says "I'm not paying that much!" Then he pushes Sourpoop out the door, where he sprains his butt. Then Grampoo walks offscreen to go to take a nap.