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Sam Daddy is the 31st episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:10-9-2000



Behind Oobi's house, Sam is with his dad (called Mr.Sam). Sam tells Mr.Sam that he is going to invade Laptopihand and blow it up.Mr.Sam tries to convince his son to not invade the work building, but Sam whacks him with a hammer, and Mr.Sam becomes evil. The Grampoos sneak back to their house. Oobi goes to work.Later, Sam and Mr.Sam invade Laptopihand. Bossmansirking unleashes his two security guards to capture the Grampoos. The guards capture them. and beat them up.Sam whacks the guards with his hammer, and they faint.Mr.Sam is very mad at Sam, but he gets whacked by Sam and faints. He ventures on alone. Sam handnaps Minnie, A.J., Bossmansirking, and Lola. Oobi hears them scream, and finds out that Sam has kidnapped Minnie,Lola,A.J., and Bossmansirking. Oobi also finds 2 Eyebombs in the room. Sam runs out of the room. Oobi defuses the bombs, and throws them out the window. He chases Sam, and finds him in the meeting room. They fight, and Oobi throws him out the window. Sam breaks branches, and gets hit by Grampoo in his Mustang.Everyone goes back to work.


  • Sam's eyes are green in this episode due to Minnie using them at the time.