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Oobi's New Computer

Reunion of the Gramps is the 8th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:11-24-1999


  • Grampoo
  • Jack
  • Sam
  • Oobi
  • Kako
  • Uma


Grampoo is calling Jack on the phone, asking him to come over for a reunion. Jack says okay and hangs up. Grampoo then calls Sam to come over. Sam says he'll be right over and hangs up. Grampoo is bored and turns on the computer, looking at pictures of him on Google. Grampoo then asks Oobi, Kako, and Uma to get the house ready for the reunion. The kids fix up the dinner table for them. Right after that, Jack comes over. Grampoo greets him and Jack compliments on how the table was set up. He then tells Jack to get comfortable and that he could watch T.V. A couple moments later, Sam comes in. Grampoo greets him and tells him to get comfortable with Jack. Sam then laughs evilly softly twoard the audience. Then Sam throws stuff at the kids, he breaks the "A Muppet Family Christmas" DVD, he squirts Danimals yogurt all over Uma, and breaks Grampoo's "precious" Caillou Neighborhood VHS, and breaks a window. He then blames it all on Oobi. Oobi then vows he can prove he is innocent and Sam is guilty. He witnesses Sam trying to break Kako's Acceleracers VHS. Oobi and Sam then get caught in a fight. Sam wounds Oobi's nose. Grampoo yells at Sam. He and Oobi both punch him and throw him out the window. Jack runs out of the house screaming loudly. Grampoo sighs and says "What a day."