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Oobi Has The Chance is the third episode of The Future Life.

Release Date:11-17-1999


  • Oobi
  • Grampoo
  • Green Eyed Hand Puppet
  • Brown Eyed Oobi-Like Hand Puppet
  • Blue Eyed Hand Puppet
  • Green Kako-Like Hand Puppet
  • McOobi's Customer (only heard)


Oobi is watching T.V.Grampoo realizes that Oobi needs a job.Grampoo grabs him,and throws him in the car.He takes Oobi to a job picking service and drops him off there.A green eyed hand puppet meets Oobi and grants him a job (bank teller),but when he gets his first customer,he accidently gives him too much money! Oobi then quits and meets a brown eyed hand puppet.He offers him a job as a drive-thru man at McOobis.He then gives the customer an apple instead of apple dippers.Oobi quits and meets a female blue eyed hand puppet who offers him a job at Laptopihand and signs a contract.Oobi leaves and says goodbye to the hand puppet.


  • This is the only Season 1 episode with the most characters (7 characters)
  • 3rd time Uma doesn't appear
  • 2nd time Kako doesn't appear