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Just Be Scared is the fourth episode of The Future Life.

Release Date:11-18-1999


  • Oobi
  • Uma
  • Grampu
  • Moppy (mentioned)
  • Moppy's Brother (mentioned)
  • Moppy's Mom (mentioned)


Uma is sleeping.She screams for Oobi and he comes.Uma tells him that she had a nightmare.Oobi tells her they're not real,but he's interrupted by a moan.Oobi amd Uma go under the covers and keep hearing more sounds.Uma tells Oobi the story of a bad sleepover at Moppy's house.Oobi is even more scared then before.Someone comes up the stairs,and enters the room. Oobi and Uma jump out and attack! But they find out it's Grampoo! He grounds them,but Uma smacks him and he falls to the ground,laying there the whole night.Once Uma goes to sleep,Grampoo asks with pain,"Uma?".


  • The story of the between Uma and Moppy goes like this:

"One day,I went to a sleepover at Moppy's house.We were going to watch a SpongeBob movie,but her brother switched the tape with The Mask.It was so scary,me and Moppy slept with her mom.We didn't get a good night sleep.Moppy called her mom and her brother was sent to time out.We ate bacon and I left that afternoon."

  • 3rd time Kako doesn't appear.