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Season 3, Episode 63


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Hello, Statue? is the 63 episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:10-17-2001


  • Oobi
  • Minnie
  • A.J.
  • Bossmansirking
  • Grampoo (cameo)


Bossmansirking remembers that he needs a statue put up in the Meeting Room. He hurries over to Oobi, A.J., and Minnie to tell them to get it. The gang, except for Bossmansirking, runs downstairs to the Storage Room to get it. They carefully grab the statue but A.J. trips and almost drops it. Oobi and Minnie tell him to be careful. As they are walking upstairs, Grampoo runs down the stairs frantically to tell Oobi he set the world record for the world's biggest dump. He then bumps into Minnie and they fall on the floor, the statue is still safe. Oobi gets up and punches Grampoo's butt. He screams and runs away.The gang finally makes it to the meeting room.Grampoo then runs in and punches A.J.They drop and break the statue.Minnie beats Grampoo up and he lay unconcious on the floor.Bossmansirking says he is dissapointed in them and chases them.The episode ends when Bossmansirking yells out "I'm gonna kill you!" and Oobi says "Uh-oh".