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Evil Dr. F Strikes Again!

Grampuke is the 57th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:4-30-2002


  • Oobi
  • Uma
  • Grampoo


Grampoo is at the kitchen table. He eats 3 hamburgers, a slushie, 34 fries, and 98 cans of pop. He groans and says he's going to be sick and throws up on the floor. Oobi runs into the kitchen and slips on the vomit. He lay unconcious on the floor. Grampoo thinks he killed Oobi and hides his body under the bed. Kako asks Grampoo if he had seen Oobi. Grampoo frantically screams "NO!" and accidentaly pushes Kako, and who, like Oobi, then slips on the puke, and lay unconcious on the floor. Grampoo now thinks he murdered Kako and hides him in a closet. Uma then asks Grampoo where Oobi and Kako are. Grampoo says "Uh... at the park! Uh, Yeah!" and starts sweating. Uma knows there's something wrong and growls. Grampoo hears Uma and says "I'm outta here!" and runs upstairs. Uma screams and chases him. Grampoo goes and accidentaly opens the closet he hid Kako in. Kako wakes Oobi up and the trio beat Grampoo up until he is dead and the episode ends.