Grampoo The Past Life is a fan-fiction ten-part mini series which is a spin-off of Oobi The Future Life. It is about Goobi Doopu Flirg, known as Grampu to his grandkids and their friend Kako, before he became a mean geezar and then known as Grampoo Doopu Flirg.


Grampu - A nice grandfather to his kids, before he became Grampoo, that is!

Oobi - A kind, playful child with an active imagination.

Uma- A very young baby who can't talk yet.

Kako - Oobi's best friend.

Supporting Characters

Jenny - Oobi's mom.

Nick - Oobi's dad.

Jorgpoo - A mean grampoo mailman, branded  Mr. Mailman by Oobi and Kako.

Koobi Soobi - The male train driver.

Lisa Thompson The female train driver.

Passenger 1 - A male passenger.

Passenger 2 - A female passenger.

Passenger 3 - A female passenger.

Passenger 4 - A male passenger.

Macy - Kako's mom.

Paul - Kako's dad.

Poobi - Grampu's friend from elementary school.

Episode List

1. New Neighbors

2. Metro Madness

3. Home Movie Making

4. Oobi's Day Off

5. Seizure Leisure

6. Old Friends

7. Open House

8. Please Dial Again

9. Uma's First Words

10. Worst Day Ever