The camera fades in, showing a bedroom with red and yellow blankets. FREDDIE is watching TV, and is resting on the bed.

FREDDIE: Mm. My life has been boring ever since I visited Oobi. I need to see him again.

(FREDDIE picks up a cell phone, and dials Grampoo's number.)

The camera switches to a small bathroom, where GRAMPOO is crapping.

GRAMPOO: Ahh. This is the life. No screaming grandkids, and no annoying telemarketers.

(The phone rings unexpectedly, and GRAMPOO shrieks, falling off the toilet. He stands back up, runs out of the bathroom, and picks up the telephone.

GRAMPOO: Who the Hell is this? Is this a telemarketer?! I TOLD YOU THAT I HAD YOUR NUMBERS BLOCKED!!!

FREDDIE: Grampoo, it's Freddie!

GRAMPOO: (sheepishly) Oh. What do you want?

FREDDIE: Can I visit Oobi?

GRAMPOO: No, but you can fu*k your life!

(GRAMPOO hangs up, and FREDDIE looks to the left for 4 seconds. The screen goes black as we hear a gunshot, ending the episode.)