"Oh, I think I'm in lovvvvvvvvvvvve"

Release Date:10-18-2001

- Freddie

Episode of Season 3


Season 3 Episode 4


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Freddie Visits Oobi is the 54th episode of the Future Life



Freddie calls Grampoo on the phone.He asks if he can go to their house.Grampoo says that Oobi is at Laptopihand.Freddie asks if Grampoo can take him to Laptopihand.Grampoo says sure and drives Freddie to Laptopihand.Freddie sees Oobi and asks if he can work there for the day.Oobi says to ask Bossmansirking.He says yes.Freddie meets and falls in love with Lola.Then him and Oobi get to work.Then Grampoo takes Freddie home.Oobi walks by Xavier and Evil Dr. F.Once Oobi saw Dr. F he runs to the garage, jumps in his car and drives home.


  • Uma appears walking to the car with Grampoo
  • Kako doesn't appear