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Dad's Back is the 21st episode of Oobi The Future Life

Release Date:9-20-2000



Oobi is in his and Kako's room.Grampoo screams for Oobi to come downstairs. The two go in the kitchen. Grampoo tells Oobi,Uma,and Kako that their Great Grampoo, Grapu, is coming to their house. Someone knocks on their door, and Grampoo thinks it's Grapu. He opens the door,and it's Xander Fury. Xander asks if there are any bad guys in their house. Grampoo screams "NO!" and slams the door. Grampoo mutters, and hears another knock. Grampoo says,"XANDER, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, THERE ARE NO BAD GUYS IN OUR HOU--" , and sees Grapu at the door.Grampoo nervously opens the door, and lets Grapu inside. Grampoo introduces Grapu to Oobi, Kako, and Uma. Grapu gives Grampoo a present: A Fresh Bottle Of Salt (Cherry flavor). Grampoo says "YES! THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!! THANK YOU!!!" Grapu stays for lunch. Grampoo hands out Sun Chips, Mott's Fruit Snacks and water. After 67 cups of water, Grapu goes to refill his water, but falls out of his chair, spilling the water, then slipping on it, and hitting Grampoo, causing him to smash into his Sun Chips. Grapu apologizes and offers to help clean up. Grampoo, his b!tchy side taking over, screams "NO!" and thows Grapu out the door. He falls down the stairs and fractures his vertebrate. Grapu shouts "You crappface!" and leaves. Grampoo then sighs, and slips on the spilled water, breaking his pinkie. Grampoo screams, then Oobi, Uma and Kako run upstairs, ending the episode.


  • This is Grapu's only appearence