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Grampoo, Evil Dr. Frankbuttpoopeeyourbuttstinks


Season 3,Episode 62



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Crap in My Mouth is the 62nd episode of Oobi The Future Life.


  • Oobi (cameo)
  • Kako (cameo)
  • Uma (cameo)
  • Grampoo
  • Evil Dr. F
  • Elmo (cameo, seen sitting near Uma)
  • Hank (speaking cameo)
  • Kate Diamond (speaking cameo)


Grampoo wakes up from a 23 hour sleep. He gets up and gets dressed. He then goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, and goes to brush his nails. Right when he is about to pick up the brush, crap shoots out of his mouth. He is shocked and runs past the kids and Elmo to go and search it online. He finds out he has Crapmouthitis. (pooing out of the mouth, which causes vomit out of the butt) He rushes past Hank to the hospital to the desk and asks Kate Diamond, there for a checkup, if she knows if any doctors are avalible. She says "no" and Grampoo tries to think of someone to help him. He then says "I have an idea!" and runs to the E.L.O.E.D.F. (Evil Lair Of Evil Dr. F) (Grampoo is confused and thinks he is a real doctor) and tells Evil Dr. F his problem. He then says "I might have some solutions to your problems." and then does random stuff to Grampoo, all attempts fail. But when he pours a chemical on his head, his Crapmouthitis stops. (He craps through his mouth all through the episode) But then he starts groaning. Evil Dr. F now says he has not mild, but full-blown Groans Disease. Grampoo groans really loud and then says "Crap" and the episode ends.