"Uh, Who are you people? Where am I?"

- Bossmansirking in his amnesiac state

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Season 3, Episode 66


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Am I the Boss? is the 66th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:5-13-2002



Bossmansirking is walking in the kitchen. He isn't looking where he is going and slams into an open cabinet. He falls to the floor unconcious. Oobi is shocked when he sees him unconscious on the floor. He asks Bossmansirking if he's okay. He says to Oobi "Who are you? Where am I? All I remember is-" He is interrupted by Oobi when he shouts "WHAT?!" Bossmansirking says "Chunky Puffz, what I ate a while ago" Oobi screams and starts crying. He tells the gang his problem, and Jayden McGase takes over while Oobi tries to get Bossmansirking to remember by doing random things to him, like questioning him, slapping him, telling him to think, etc. Oobi tries slapping him again and Bossmansirking falls to the ground. He weakly and calmly says "Oobi? W-w-what are we doing?" Oobi screams with joy "YAY! THE BOSS IS BACK!" Jayden runs into the room and says "Well, I guess I'm done here" and runs out of the room.